Wednesday, May 12, 2004

It's Nothing So Noble as Hatred

Many people, including a few of those I listen to and respect, attribute things like cutting the head off a live American to hatred for Americans. There is some truth to this I'm sure. But I think that saying they do such things because they "hate" us misses their true motivation and is even dangerous.

I don't mean to condone hatred. But if you hate somebody for something it means that you have some sense of right and wrong that was so violated by somebody else's actions that you hate them for it. A lot of people think Islam is what these monsters consider when determining what is right and what is wrong. What then happens is that many Americans and others around the world suggest that if we were more aware of the fundamentals of the Islamic faith and treated its adherents in a more sensitive manner all these problems would go away. Our enemies would no longer hate us and the hijackings, beheadings, kidnappings, bombings, assassinations, quest for weapons of mass destruction, and whatever else we must now endure would come to an end.

Thus, in a sense, their hatred for us is "noble" in some sense of the word. They’re only defending their deepest principles right?

I disagree. I don't think that the core of their beliefs is hatred. Instead it is just plain ‘ole opportunism. These people are trying to create an opportunity for themselves. They want power. They want control. They want to force women into brutal submission. They want to force men who are outside their circles of power into submission. They want to pocket the billions of dollars whether from the oil industry in Iraq or the heroin trade in Afghanistan. They merely use professions of Islamic faith as cover for their more materialistic, egocentric, and megalomaniacal aspirations.

The danger is that many among us will fail to see their true aspirations. Because when we fail to do so we end up taking the wrong tack. We think that we just need to come to terms with these people. We need to “wage peace” by just figuring out how to stop violating their sense of right and wrong and then by building some kind of figurative bridge to them. If indeed these people were truly motivated by the tenants of Islam, which I highly doubt, in some twisted way making such a peace offering might work. But, once again I suggest, these people are not motivated by religious conviction. They are motivated by a thirst for power, control, and money. As long as there is a United States of America in the world, their quest for power, control, and money will ultimately be fruitless. Therefore they seek to destroy us. No amount of cultural sensitivity is going to give these people pause because they have no cultural or religious sensibilities.

This is why we must wage war.

- The American Hawk


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