Thursday, May 27, 2004

Somebody Gets It

After President Bush's speech Monday evening the Fox News program entitled "The Factor" with Bill O'Reilly interviewed former Clinton political adviser Dick Morris. Regarding Bush's speech, Morris said "What he needed to do was to make the case to the American people, in particular American women, that our security, our families depend on fighting these folks in Iraq." Furthermore, he said "all the people that would be blowing up trains and planes and buildings in the United States are gathered in Baghdad and shooting at our forces, and with every one of them we kill that's one less we have to worry about attacking you in your home."

This is exactly the point I made in my post entitled "A Blinding Flash of the Obvious" back on the 13th (see below). Now, think what you will of Dick Morris. But at least one other notable figure, an experienced Washington insider no less, sees the war in Iraq for what it is.

I'm telling you...every bombing, every gunfight, every hostile action is not "...the situation in Iraq spinning out of control..." like so many idiots in the press are quick to assume. It is in fact our enemies taking the bait and being drawn into a fight in which they are hopelessly outgunned 7,000 miles from American shores.

- The American Hawk


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