Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Extremely sad...

My family members and I visited a funeral home near my home town last night to pay our respects to an American soldier who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.  His wife and young daughters live in a small rental property that my family owns.  My brother went to school with him and other members of my family knew him and his family.

His body was under guard and his rifle, helmet, and boots were displayed next to his casket.  I can't find words to describe how sad it was to see this man in uniform who will never see his family, friends, sunshine, fall color, snowfall, flowers, holidays, the lakes, or anything else in this life ever again.

How could any words encompass the enormity of the sacrifice that he and his family have made?

Stryker Brigade News

- The American Hawk

Thursday, July 15, 2004

A Refreshing Perspective on Iraq

Dawn Over Baghdad

- The American Hawk

Monday, July 12, 2004

Groom's Maids!?!?!

The discussion of "gay marriage" is in the news frequently these days. Basically, my feelings mirror those of most that I hear from people who are against it. The belief is that it will cheapen the institution of marriage. Marriage will no longer be what it always was and will instead be whatever anybody wants it to be. If we are no longer going to stop at restricting it to only men and women, why will we stop at restricting it to just humans? What if some crazy environmentalist decides she wants to marry a particular tree? Can she marry it? Why not? What if some guy decides that a particular sheep he has seen in a nearby barnyard is the love of his life and wants to enter into matrimony with it? Someday he'll probably be able to do so. Is that what we really want? I know this sounds crazy today, but who knows where the discussion will lead tomorrow. If you have elderly grandparents, just ask them how crazy the idea of homosexuals being allowed to officially marry each other would have been had it been discussed back in the 1920's or 1930's. Now look where we are. A couple of other things really bother me about this whole issue.

The first is the way that the news media, true to form, has failed to challenge the most important argument being offered by proponents of gay marriage. That argument is "Why shouldn't 'we' have the same rights as straight couples?" You hear that argument put forth by proponents of gay marriage every single time the matter is discussed in the media. In fact, the entire movement to legalize gay marriage is built on the suggestion that gays are unfairly treated because they don't have the same rights as heterosexuals. Well, The American Hawk has a response to that argument. I want all of my readers to learn the following argument and I want you to shout it back at the television every time some proponent of gay marriage cries about not having the same rights. Here it goes...


We already have the same rights. What proponents of gay marriage want is not for all of us to finally be given the same rights. In fact, what these folks really want, whether they even realize it, is for something entirely new to be visited upon society. The argument upon which the entire movement is based is intellectually dishonest. Furthermore, what they want is something for which only a small percentage of the people would vote to enact into law. This brings up the other thing that bothers me.

The way in which the politics surrounding the issue is playing out is utterly disgusting. In poll after poll the support for gay marriage is pitifully small. It is just not a change that very many people want. Yet, it is probably going to come about. Isn't America about majority rule you might ask? Not anymore really. America is fast becoming about the tyranny of the minority. All you need is one judge at the local level to agree with you and whatever law the majority of the people managed to pass is suddenly meaningless. This isn't right. The will of the majority on issues such as this should mean something but it doesn't anymore. Instead, the will of even a small group of "activists" becomes the way of the land and to hell with what ordinary Americans want.

Don't get me wrong. I really don't care if two men or two women want to share their lives in a manner that resembles marriage. I don't dislike gay people either. I'm all about freedom and if that lifestyle is what some people choose I don't think it is any of my business. But marriage is a core institution in our society that inherently involves a man and a woman. Lets leave it that way.

President Bush has been a strident opponent of gay marriage from day one. He hasn't waffled or ducked the issue. He has taken a stand. If you agree with him, you might want to think about supporting him.

- The American Hawk

Sunday, July 11, 2004

A Master Stroke

In a previous post I described what I believe is the main reason for the US presence in Iraq. In case you need a refresher I'll restate this reason:


I fervently believe this because it makes so much sense given what has happened in the last year and change. You must look at every piece of news that comes out of Iraq, whether good or bad, from this perspective. Once you learn to see the conflict in Iraq for what it really is, it all makes perfect sense. The daily gun battles, the rounding up of Hussein loyalists, the killing of Al-Zarqawi or Bin Laden followers, the destruction of arms caches, the finding of mustard and nerve gas (in case you hadn't noticed the scant reporting...we are finding Weapons of Mass Destruction), the dollars and resources our enemies our undoubtedly channeling into Iraq...all of happening over there not here.

...and it is getting even better. A recent story posted at Al-Sabah, a Middle Eastern news source, described something wonderful and something new that is helping America in its fight against the terrorists as well as helping the good people of Iraq fortify their free and prosperous future. The Iraqis are now using their intimate knowledge of their own country to locate, target, and exterminate the enemies of freedom.

We've managed to get Arabs who are seeking freedom and prosperity to help us kill the enemies of the free world.

This isn't brilliant...It is a MASTER STROKE!!!

The story I am talking about follows:

Baghdad, As-Sabah , July 10, Page 1
In an operation to attack dens of terrorism in Baghdad, a platoon of the Iraqi National Guard has carried out a successful operation Wednesday against groups of Saddam's remnants and a number of Al-Zarqawi followers who were gathered in four buildings in the said street. That operation comes as a practical indication to transfer the initiative of the attack to the hand of the National Guard. "An accurate intelligence information reported a group of Saddam's men and Al-Zarqawi followers were crowded in four buildings in Haifa street" Mr. Hazim Sh'lan the minister of defense elaborated, adding that the operation started in installing search points in front of these buildings for instigating the hostile elements who thought they could control the battalion of the national guard. Clarifying the details of the operation, the minister said that the battalion was able to be sheltered and specify the hostile fire sources further for cordoning the four buildings in pure Iraqi efforts, saying that the multi-national forces took the role of the monitor by the helicopters. Fighting were occurred from floor to another, from flat to another, about 19 terrorists killed and nine others arrested. Meanwhile one member of the National Guard was killed and 12 others wounded. Among the prisoners and dead were a number of Arab infiltrators.

- The American Hawk